Beijing Fulong Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, place of registration in Beijing, China, Haidian District, is a to Luneng Science & technology and healthy industry for guidance, to a variety of products to domestic and international trade and production and processing for the main, with high-tech content of international integrated science and Technology Trade Co., Ltd..
Beijing China Aussino Trade Co. Ltd. operation standard, involving a wide range of industries. Trade products business includes Taiwan origin with special health care medical diet food bacteria to Qian Yang Rong and enzyme compound leaf enzyme; Taiwan international gold medal products, effective prevention and treatment of children with hand foot and mouth disease (intestinal virus) and pure Chinese medicine bacteriostatic spray flu and respiratory tract diseases caused by haze, "Kazakhstan Hagi" spray antibacterial liquid; Taiwan native, WHO (W.H.O) international scientific research and development team to control tumor treatment based on the pure natural health food -- "9405" (Ku Rgo); Taiwan for athletes developed liver, enhanced strength, anti fatigue, anti-aging, beauty supplements, "Kang source" capsule; Taiwan R & D and production, from Cordyceps militaris health conditioning regimen is better than San goods -- Cordyceps polysaccharide solid oral liquid; and from the Taiwan native --TCELL-1 native human intestinal bacteria and can effectively inhibit the local 14 kinds of harmful bacteria; - ryokichi loquat soft lozenges Taiwan native with Momordica Qingfei days.; Taiwan national treasure -- known as the forest of ruby said the anti-cancer and health care Jiapin -- Niu Zhangzhi (mushroom) series of products (wild or Taiwanofungus born fungi basswood cultivation, non-toxic extraction refining top a.cinnamomea fruitingbodies); Taiwan (Germany and Japan imported raw materials) lady beauty Jiapin -- "beauty" and "beauty" biochemical nano technology of ultrafine particles of collagen; pure natural raw materials from Korea (South Korea Red Ginseng snail and German horse oil) production of skin care Jiapin --LOHASYS series of cosmetics; native to contain 428 active nutrients as plants in the world population in Xinjiang area, the VC -- King of sea buckthorn juice (pulp) and series Products; native in Lop Nur Region of Xinjiang, has significant natural antibacterial, disinfecting and deodorizing function of Apocynum & cotton fabric; and so on.
Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. China Fulong also operates the non-ferrous metal mineral products, iron and steel products, metal and chemical and petroleum chemical products and so on bulk materials domestic and international trade, and non - standard equipment manufacture, metal mines and smelting enterprises in Taiwan (sets) of equipment supply; technology projects with domestic and Taiwan, the United States and the world renowned experts and enterprises to jointly develop river water pollution control, urban garbage disposal, toxic soil treatment. And Taiwan Bing Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd., is engaged in maintenance technical advisory, mechanical equipment, recycling, special door (eclipse) engineering, (made in Germany) of various kinds of metal cold flux (Almighty cold welding material) and anti corrosion coatings, for the petrochemical, heavy industry, steel, paper, power, ship maintenance industry provide all kinds the best quality of restoration and protection materials and metal surface protection in consulting, design and construction services, help customers overcome all occurred in the machinery and equipment corrosion, corrosion, leakage, wear problems.
Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. China Aussino is unit of China Fermentation Industry Association member units and enzyme branch vice president. Among the ranks of the enzyme business elite. Is also the people's Republic of China Ministry of civil affairs in charge of filial piety elderly poor relief fund will to the housing endowment fund flag an Minsheng financial assets mutual alliance (World Federation of business and financial state of international cooperation alliance) members of the unit, and is actively involved in development cooperation on behalf of the international most advanced orange technology in the field of pension and health industry is a station type service, together to create a "Jinhai sunshine" strategy, for construction of national endowment project, improve old-age service system contribute.
Recently, the company and the Beijing Baishan Jiahe Technology Development Co. Ltd. (Zhongguancun Health Science and technology to help the old public service platform) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will be committed to the wisdom of the city, the wisdom of the community, the wisdom of health, wisdom endowment project platform and product planning, development and construction and operation, unique experience and relying on the advantages of Zhongguancun things industry alliance in networking, Internet information infrastructure, information resources integration, public service application, enterprise informatization, city management and application of networking and information security services, to provide related services for the smart city construction and development, and chronic health management innovation and old-age health management solutions and technology integration in the elderly together, solve community, institutions, home security, the health of the elderly life, need help Provide professional health care management services and system solutions for community and professional pension institutions and industry operators.
Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. China Aussino long-term commitment in the field of sophisticated science and technology, environmental protection and green energy technology, biotechnology, new energy technology, green agriculture and animal husbandry industry, health care, elderly care, comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution, cultural creativity, education and training, and consulting services, and has established very good cooperative relations with Taiwan area, including both at home and abroad in many countries of the enterprises and institutions. The strength of company funds, professional and technical personnel equipped, sophisticated business capabilities and special adviser to the company by a number of senior experts in home and abroad, at home and abroad including production and trade, including the field has a good corporate image and business reputation. The company has the official website, WeChat public micro business platform, Taobao's flagship store, Alibaba.


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